Resume          עברית

I was born in the Ukraine and studied for my B.A. degree in Art Education in Vladimir, Russia. The artistic languages I express myself in are various kinds of art, including paper-cuts,  painting in both oil and watercolor, portraits, nature scenes, sculpting, as well as piano and vocalsI made aliyah to Israel in 1995. Aliyah was for me a kind of new birth: I received a people, a country, a language, and new ways of expressing myself in art all at one time. Aliyah was relatively easy for me. It was very surprising for me to discover that I could find work right away in art. My first job in this country was in glass design, and afterwards as a designer in a silver factory. I discovered paper-cutting almost by accident, when I was a Hebrew student at the Ulpan. Without any background in the traditional art, I toyed with paper-cutting and created a picture, “The Tree of Life.” The social worker in the Ulpan saw my piece and told me that paper-cuts were common in Ashkenazic Jewish communities in Europe until the Second World War. Paper was a ready material, and kosher scribes and artists in the community created beautiful works and used them to decorate synagogues and sacred objects. Children even used them as decorations for Jewish festivals, such as Shavuot. This discovery excited me: The idea that by means of paper-cutting I could be joined to a heritage that once existed and was lost, and could thus be connected to my Jewish roots, contributed a deeper dimension to this work that I developed from the time of my Aliyah to Israel.

In the last few years, I have continued to develop in this unique field. My works are displayed in exhibitions and purchased by art collectors world-wide. Paper-cuts contain a rich internal wealth, displaying religious texts alongside symbols. There are graphic designs and complicated images full of expression and emotion, some monochrome works and some full of color. With the years I have experienced, via paper-cutting, a process of development and personal discovery of new and creative possibilities, while still treasuring the ancient traditions in my work.